Beaver Valley Camp Badge

Ready for Adventure?

Camping is a great way to turn off digital technology and connect with others while enjoying nature. Beaver Valley Camp is a non-profit organization that provides a place where youth groups can experience the wilderness. It is located on the backwaters of the St. Croix River near Osceola, Wisconsin. The camp has been around since 1932 and has been maintained over the years to preserve its rustic state. Our goal is to further youth activities and training, to provide outdoor facilities and camping, recreation and adventure, and to foster conservation of natural resources, and to promote the welfare of youth in fostering Boy Scout work and other programs for young people.

Wild Flowers popping up at Beaver Valley Camp near Osceola, Wisconsin

Camp Activities

Scavenger Hunt
Campfire Skits or Plays
Find the Perfect Walking Stick
Campfire Stories
Winter Specific
Quincy Building

Taking Pictures of Nature
Use of the Camp Assembly Area
Campfire Cooking
Flashlight Hide and Seek Tag
Sing Campfire Song
Fort Making
Identify Animal Tracks

Group Games
Canoe Access
Star Gaze
Capture the Flag
Search for Wildlife or Signs of
Go Exploring
Cross Country Skiing
Spend Time Playing Games in the Cabin