Over the years our camp has been blessed with members whom have generously donated their time and money to keep the camp running smoothly. If you are interested in our camp and would like information on how to become a member or would like to make a donation, or help in another way, please contact us or stop by the directors meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (see calendar for location and time).

Benefits of Membership:
As a member you are invited to experience Beaver Valley Camp for day trips of hiking and exploring. The camp offers great hiking and exploring possibilities especially when you consider the access of the river and surrounding conservation areas. Also as a member you can participate in providing future experiences for Youth groups to experience the outdoors. You can share in the development of the camp with your participation in camp activities.

Board of Directors

President: Mike Weisman  -  Jonathan Williams  -  Brian Weisman

Carl Holmberg -  Chris Williams